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Lesson 8:  Test & Survey


As your team finalizes your invention idea, you will need to test your ideas by gathering feedback from your specific users, also known as a target market -  the people that would likely use the product.  (This may include peers, teachers, parents, neighbors, etc).


survey graphic.PNG
Task 2: Review a Survey

Now let's use what you have learned to review an example of student survey. This team wanted to create   an updated desk to better accommodate the items they use in school.  Analyze the survey written by this team: 

desk survey.PNG

Now it's your turn to write your survey questions and answer options using the Student Survey Graphic Organizer.

survey graphic organizer.PNG

Obtaining Feedback - Survey

  • You will use the Student Survey Graphic Organizer to help your team gather data

  • Each team will develop a minimum of 5 survey questions.  Each team member will be required to interview at least 3 persons, and take notes on their responses.  Once your survey is completed, you will meet with your team to analyze the results, and summarize them in a Word Document.

  • Using your data, you will create a graph or interview analysis that will be part of your final Tri Board presentation. 

  • The data your team collects will help you to adjust your ideas and help explain your team's design process to the judges in the competition.



Survey Tools


You can create your own survey using one of the following options:

  • Microsoft Forms or Google Forms 

  • Survey Monkey

  • Printed Survey and enter data onto EXCEL chart

Helpful hint:  Carefully consider your questions and answer choices.  Will the answers give you insights in to the needs of your user?  Give you insights into the design choices they prefer?

google surveys.PNG

1. Have a teacher review your survey before finalizing.

2. Once your survey is complete, click on the Settings icon and make sure ALL boxes are unchecked and the recipient does not need to log in to take the survey.

3. Click Send to get a link to share. 

4. Copy the link and share with your teacher/survey pool.

define research.PNG

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