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Lesson 1: Introduction
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This semester, we are going to learn to think like engineers. The primary purpose of an engineer is to use science, technology and math to solve problems. 


In order to isolate a good problem, we are going to begin with an activity where you write a list of things that bother you.  At this point, ONLY focus on things that bother you,  Not on any solutions.

What BUGS       You?


There are many problems we encounter throughout each day. Think about the places you visit each week such as  school, practice fields or gyms, clubs you belong to, music lessons, church, camps, etc.  What bug's you?  Today you will begin keeping a journal of problems you notice.  Briefly identify 3-5 problems and describe the questions you have related to each one. You will continue to add to the Problem Log over the next few weeks. The more ideas you have, the better!

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What will we do in our InVenture Unit?

You will use design thinking to identify a problem and develop a unique solution.  You will work together in teams to brainstorm solutions, search for comparable patents, make a prototype, and pitch your idea!  Throughout the unit, you will  get advice from real inventors and Georgia Tech faculty members. All program participants will have an opportunity to compete for an entry to the State K-12 InVenture Prize competition in February.  Entries will be judged and state finalists will compete at the K-12 InVenture Prize in March.  Top teams will be invited to compete at the National Invention Convention in Dearborn, Michigan.

Note:  We will keep all evidence of our thinking to create a logbook to document our invention process.  You will need to keep all of your sketches (even if messy), notes, articles, research and prototypes.

More on the K-12 InVenture Prize

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Add to your Problem Log

Be prepared to share at least 7 problems at our next class.

Explore the InVenture videos for inspiration.

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