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Lesson 11:  Optional Tri- Board

Lightning shock sticker triboard.png
Middle school triboard.png

Teams will continue to work on slides with required elements of the InVenture Prize Competition.   If your school will also be creating tri-boards, please follow the Tri Board diagram planner.  


Optional Tri-Board

Create a plan for the team’s presentation using the Tri-board Planner. Brainstorm with your team and decide what extra materials you need to bring to school to work on your tri-board in class (letters, stencils, boarder, etc.) Decide what part of the tri-board each group member will complete and record their name below.

*Final copies should be typed for the tri-board display.  Please have your teacher proof it with you prior to printing it.



  • Tri-Board Assignments

  • Group Member Name

  • Invention Problem/Solution

  • Patent Comparison

  • Description of Invention

  • Blue Print (Final Drawing)

  • Prototype (optional but encouraged)

  • Materials/Steps

  • QR Codes/Results for interviews

  • Citations

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