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Lesson 8: Make a Prototype

What is a Prototype?

Prototypes demonstrate and prove the design.  Think of a prototype as simply taking the design from your imagination into the physical world. 

Why is prototyping important? 

  • Displays or explains the product

  • Test an idea to see if it works

  • Use it to evaluate where improvements are necessary

  • Get customer feedback

Task 1: Create Initial Prototype

Using your sketches,  you will make a series of cardboard prototypes that will help your team demonstrate the iteration of ideas. It is important to keep all sketches (even the messy ones) to document all the ideas your team considered. 

Cardboard cutting tools:  It is VERY helpful to have specialized tools to help you cut cardboard more easily and without harming yourself in the process.  The "Attachment Techniques" poster demonstrates the many ways cardboard can be cut and manipulated to create your prototype.  

Take photos of all prototypes so you can insert them into your digital slide presentation.

klever kutter.jpg
canary scissors.jpg
zip snip.jpg
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