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Lesson 10: Prep Your Presentation

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Today you will begin putting together your team's presentation. This will take several weeks to complete using a template in Google Slides or Office 365.  

You will use the information that you have collected over the past 9 lessons to complete each slide.  You will also need to finalize a technical drawing or diagram of your idea.  

It is very important that you team work together to organize tasks and complete your template. It is the responsibility of each teammate to be a self directed learner and contribute to the final project.

Click icon with paperclip to download a Microsoft PPT Template.

Important:  Students  will need to save a copy and rename it to be able to edit the presentation.  Please do the following:

1. In the toolbar, click “File”, then click “Make a copy”. 

2. You will be prompted to rename the copy.  This will allow you to edit the template.    IF YOU DO NOT RENAME AND SAVE, YOU WILL  LOSE YOUR WORK.

Your final diagram (s) are a very important part of your presentation. They need to be drawn first in pencil, then traced over with a black Sharpie.  It is essential that the invention is described with as much detail and specificity as possible.   You may use as many drawings as you employed to develop your product.



How to Sketch

Isometric Sketching

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