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Lesson 3:  Perspective Taking

How can I use empathy to relate to real or potential problems?

Task 1: Rings of Impact Activity


Perspective-Taking promotes empathy and understanding of the bigger picture associated of the problems affecting various groups of people.  Review your list of problems recorded on your Things That Bug Me log.  Which problems concern you the most?  Which problems are most interesting to you to learn more about?

  • Record the problems onto the Rings of Impact Map handout according to the category each problem belongs to.  For example, if a problem I care about is, there are too mosquitoes carrying diseases in warm climates.  This idea would most likely be written in "The World" category since people are affected all around the world by mosquitoes.   

  • Choose one problem that you would like to research further.  

Task 2: Research and Bias
media bias.jpg
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Before we begin our research, we are going to learn about BIAS.

Bias is a prejudice against or in favor of one thing, person, or group compared with another.

Bias is generally seen as a one-sided perspective. Media bias is when journalists, news producers, and news outlets use this perspective to select events and stories as well as the ways they are reported. Bias can show up in the media in several ways.

A biased author may not pay attention to all the facts or develop a logical argument to support his or her opinions. Bias is when a statement reflects a partiality, preference, or prejudice for or against a person, object, or idea. Evaluating online sources can help you identify bias.

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 11.12.03
Check it out - Click on the image to access the Website Evaluator
Task 3: Rings of Impact Research
rings of impact graphic organizer.PNG

After viewing your problem log and completing the Rings of Impact Map, choose one problem that you would like to research further. using the Rings of Impact Graphic Organizer as your guide.

Task 4: More Creativity!

Let's continue to explore and practice ways to be more creative to help us solve problems.

Extension Activity

Perspective taking is an essential skill that helps us to understand “why” and “how” situations happen from another person’s perspective. In order to develop perspective-taking skills, you will need to learn more about important global problem affecting our world.

1.  Explore Global Problems using the following Links:
















2.  Learn as much as you can about of these problems and add to your Things That Bug Me log?

Examples of Global Problems:

  • Pollution in the Five Gyres

  • World Hunger and Poverty

  • Global Water Scarcity

  • Medical Care Inequalities

  • Endangerment of the Honeybee Population

  • Global Warming/Pollution


A Guide to the Goals

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