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Lesson 6: The Design Cycle






Tas 1: What is the Design Cycle?
The Design Cycle is a step by step method of solving a problem by creating something real with a new use.  It is a way to think like an engineer!  An engineer is a person who designs and builds detailed products, machines, systems or structures.
K design cycle graphic.JPG
LOOK for problems to solve
SEEK to learn more about the problem by:
  • Reading about the problem
  • Talking to experts about the problem
  • Watching a video about the problem
  • Talking to the person who experiences the problem
IMAGINE many ways to solve the problem.  Sketch these ideas on paper.
CREATE your idea using items you have in your invention box
IMPROVE your idea by testing it

Task 2: Let's Practice the Design Cycle!

Now that we know about the Design Cycle, these steps will help us become thinkers and engineers and inventors! How?


You are never going to believe this!  You have received a letter and I have a feeling you are going to get to practice the steps of the design cycle.

Beekeeper letter.JPG
Busy bee template.JPG

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It is your turn to practice being an inventor.  When we are looking and seeking problems and solutions, we want to create a PROBLEM STATEMENT to help us make sure we know who has the problem (user) and clearly understand the problem.  We can then better understand if it is a problem we feel is an important one to solve.

Who can read our problem statement?

Now that you understand the beekeeper's problem, you can now imagine a solution.

  • IMAGINE solutions . . . sketch your ideas.  Share your ideas with your team.  Listen to other ideas.  Make one final drawing of your team's solution.  

  • CREATE your solution (prototype) using items from your invention box. 

  • Can you IMPROVE your solution (prototype)?  Were there mistakes?  Could it be done better?  Improve your solution with your group.

  • Share your solution with the class.

Task 3: Design Thinking Practice #2
bee and mouse mayhem intro.JPG
Bee and mouse mayhem.JPG

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These prompts are from Leftbraincrafts.comDirections:
1.  Select one square.  Imagine a friend needs this item.
2.  Sketch your ideas.  
3.  Select the best idea.
4.  Go to your Invention Box and use items in it for your new creation.  It should look similar to your sketch.  
5.  Test your new creation.  Does it look and work the way you want it to?
6.  Improve your creation.
7.  Share it with your class.
Design Thinking Challenge Chart for Young Learners.JPG

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