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Lesson 10:  Optional Tri- Board


Teams will continue to work on slides with required elements of the InVenture Prize Competition.   If your school will also be creating tri-boards, please follow the Tri Board diagram planner.  


Optional Tri-Board

Create a plan for the team’s presentation using the Tri-board Planner. Brainstorm with your team and decide what extra materials you need to bring to school to work on your tri-board in class (letters, stencils, boarder, etc.) Decide what part of the tri-board each group member will complete and record their name below.

*Final copies should be typed for the tri-board display.  Please have your teacher proof it with you prior to printing it.



  • Tri-Board Assignments

  • Group Member Name

  • Invention Problem/Solution

  • Patent Comparison

  • Description of Invention

  • Blue Print (Final Drawing)

  • Prototype (optional but encouraged)

  • Materials/Steps

  • QR Codes/Results for interviews

  • Citations

Add information to your digital slides or logbook to record the progress you made today on your invention.
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