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Lesson 11:  Pitch

Your pitch is your way to tell the story of your invention.  Check out the pitches from Team Bus Safety Stop and Stop Track.

Discussion Questions:

  • Was the presenter(s) enthusiastic and passionate about their problem and solution?  How so?

  • Was it obvious he/she practiced the pitch a great deal before the presentation to an audience?  How could you tell?

  • Did the pitch grab your attention?  What was the “hook”?

  • Did they share feedback from the user and explain how they changed their prototype based on what they learned?

  • Do you notice anything special about what the students are wearing?


It's time for your team to plan your pitch.  Think of your pitch as a wave . . .
First, you start with the setting or your hook to get your audiences attention. 
Next you explain the struggle of the user and the problem that needs to be solved. 
Then you share your sketches and prototypes to show the process you went through when considering many ideas to solve the problem.
Finally, you share the resolution which is your final prototype and explain how this solution will best solve the problem of the user.
Beware of bad presentations!
bad presentation.JPG
When will this be over?
  • Using the Prepare your Pitch Planner handed out in class today, discuss the pitch requirements with your team (page 1).  

  • Then use the organizer on page 2 to draft bullet points for your pitch.  You should also decide who will speak for each part of your presentation.

  • Video pitch will be required for submission to the Georgia Tech InVenture State Competition.  Georgia Tech will provide specific details and directions to teachers.

  • Be sure to include how your solution is ORIGINAL when compared to similar products on Google Patents, Amazon  and other searches.

Practice makes perfect.JPG

Practice Pitching your idea in less than 3 minutes. 

  • Review Inventure pitch's from the Inventure Challenge page.

  • Don't get "Gonged!" by " reading" your presentation...that is boring!  Memorize bullet points and practice saying them.


Check out two pitch videos:  Georgia Tech InVenture Prize:  Team Sanivation AND Shark Tank's 10 year who invented “Jack’s Stands and Marketplaces”

Add information to your digital slides or logbook to record the progress you made today on your invention.
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