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Lesson 1: What is an INVENTOR?

Hello!  I am BUZZ the Bee and I will be your tour guide in learning how to be an INVENTOR.  

What do INVENTORS do?
What do INVENTORS look like?
How old are INVENTORS?

While inventors can be all kinds of people, one thing they have in common are their HABITS.  Think about HABITS.  What are they?  A HABIT is something you do and repeat often
For example, what is the first thing you do when you wake up each morning?   Our morning habits may look like this:
  • Brushing our teeth
  • Getting dressed
  • Making our bed
  • Eating breakfast

What is your first morning habit?  
waking up.jpg
Inventors have habits too that help them be successful when they want to solve a problem.  We are going to practice these habits in class so that we can all be INVENTORS!
Task 1: I am an Inventor
What is an INVENTOR?  What did you notice that makes inventors GREAT?  Consider these five ways of thinking habits:

                         CURIOSITY                                  LOOK

PLAN                                      THINK                                                             MISTAKES                                          

TASK 2: Izzy Gizmo
Izzy Gizmo.JPG

Think about how YOU see YOURSELF as an INVENTOR!

You are an inventor.JPG
I am an inventor handout.JPG

Think about how you see yourself as an INVENTOR!

​How do you see the world?​

​What thoughts are in your head?​

​What do you care about?​

​What do you do really well?​

​What direction do you need help in?​

  • List at least 3 things you do well as an inventor.​

  • List at least 2 things you need to work on!

Click on image to access document

Task 3: Have You Thanked an Inventor?

11-year-old Frank Epperson invented the Popsicle in 1905 when he accidentally left his drink outside overnight with a stirring stick in it and it froze solid.


George Peter Nissen (February 3, 1914 – April 7, 2010) was an American gymnast and inventor who developed the modern trampoline and made trampolining a worldwide sport and recreation.


 Hailed as the “Toy of the Century,” the plastic Lego bricks that make up the Lego System of Play were invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a master carpenter, and his son, Godtfred Kirk.

  • Have you ever used any of the inventions in the book?

  • What invention are you most thankful for?

  • Look around our room.  It is full of inventions.  Can you name one?

Task 4: Invention Boxes
Invention Box Share Out
How did our friend in the video make the "Catuum Cleaner" that his cat attacked?  Inventors need lots of stuff to make their inventions.  It is great if you have an INVENTION BOX stuff on hand when you make your invention.
Look at these INVENTION BOXES:
  • What object can you use if you need something to roll?

  • What object can you use to hang something?

  • What can you use to make things stick together?

HOMEWORK:  Go home and create your own Invention Box.  Go through trash and see if you can find plastic and cardboard items.  Get a variety of stuff for your box and bring it to class.

invention box.JPG
invention box 2.JPG
Task 5: Help Buzz Fly
Stop video at 3:12



Look: How does Buzz Feel?

Seek: What is Buzz’s problem?
Imagine: What solutions do you have to help Buzz fly?
Create: Make your solution to help Buzz.
Test: Try your solution. Does it work?

Help Buzz Fly.JPG

Click on image to access document

Share your invention with your class.

What went well with your invention?
What did not go well with your invention?
How would you improve your invention?
Share ideas.jpg
Want to learn about more inventions from young learners?  These videos feature kids and their inventions in a competition and shows on TV.  Watch them and get excited about being an inventor!
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