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Lesson 6:  Form Your Groups!

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You have spent the last several weeks analyzing problems you, your family and people around the world experience.  It is time to select ONE problem you would like to pursue with the InVenture Prize Competition.  Refer to your Rings of Impact Research and Things that Bug Me problem log.  Use Index cards or Post-It notes to share your number one choice of a problem you most would enjoy solving.  If you have initial ideas for the solution, post them as well.  
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Your teacher will set up paper bags or Solo cups with project names.

1. Each student will receive $300 in Inventure Bucks to invest in their favorite ideas. 

2. Students will write their names in pencil on the back of the "bucks".

3. Students cannot vote for themselves.

4. Students will take a break & teachers will group students.

5. Students will work in groups for the remainder of the day.

Inventure Rubric

We thought you would appreciate knowing how your project will be evaluated for InVenture Prize Competition.  This is the rubric Georgia Tech Professors will use when viewing your ideas.

Click on document to download and enlarge.

New Inventure rubric.JPG
Extension Activity

Everyday products are always being updated to help different users with different needs.  Watch both these videos and complete the graphic organizer.  Share with your class how innovation can be simple or high-tech!

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