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Lesson 7: Ideate a Solution

What is Ideation?


Ideation is the mode of the design process in which you concentrate on idea generation. Mentally it represents a process of “going wide” in terms of concepts and outcomes. Ideation fuels your ideas and helps your team create innovative solutions.



Why Ideate?

We ideate in order to transition from identifying problems to creating solutions.  Ideation is your chance to combine the understanding you have of the problem and the specific user you are designing for,  with your imagination to generate an innovative solution.



Ideation is about pushing for the widest possible range of ideas so you can select the best solution.  This goes beyond a single idea! The determination of the best solution will be discovered later, through user testing and feedback.



Task 1: Visual Brainstorming Techniques
Task 2: Ideate a Solution
l7 scamper.PNG

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 Now is the time to work through the Ideate a Solution Packet to help your team research ideas for a solution. We will begin by reviewing the packet together, then get into your teams to work through each part.  You will do the following: 


  • SCAMPER their solution if they feel their idea is not original, too costly or not feasible.

  • Sketch a variety of ideas you have for your solution and create a series of  prototypes to demonstrate iteration of ideas. (See videos below)

  •  Students can evaluate their sketches and ideas using criteria in decision matrix.

Task 3: Begin Sketching Your Idea

Your team will need to sketch a variety of ideas you have for your solution and create a series of  prototypes to demonstrate iteration of ideas. 

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