Extension #4:  Relationships & Connections

In this 4th Extension Lesson, you will learn about NuVu - an innovative school that redefines creative learning for middle and high school students.  You will learn about this cutting edge school and view the student pinboard that showcases innovation and creation across a variety of fields including design, media, fashion, games, robotics, film, and furntiture.  How is NuVu different from your learning environment?  What connections can you make between NuVu and your school?
This activity will take 10-15 minutes:
  • Read the post:  What is NuVu?
  • Watch the videos:  NuVu Students Meet The President
  • Explore the site:  Check out the student pinboard!

What is NuVu?


NuVu is a full-time innovation school for middle and high school students. NuVu’s pedagogy is based on the architectural Studio model and geared around multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. We teach students how to navigate the messiness of the creative process, from inception to completion.


So, what makes NuVu differen from "regular" school? 


  • No Courses: Instead, NuVu has studios. Approximately 12 kids work closely with their 2 coaches to solve big (and small) open-ended problems. 

  • No Subjects: Instead, everything is fused together. Students move between a studio that requires them to design a telepresence robot to another that requires them to re-imagine Boston with a cable car system. 

  • No Classrooms: Instead, NuVu students work in an open space that changes all the time to adapt to the needs of eachstudio.  

  • No Class Schedule: Students spend two weeks from 9-3 solving one problem.  

  • No Grades: Progress is measured by portfolios that document students' design decisions and show their final products. 


What happens in the studio?

Students register for a specific studio such as “Balloon Mapping”, “Music and the City”, or “Future of Global Warming.”  Each class has approximately 10 students, one Coach and an Assistant Coach.  With the Coach’s help each student frames the problem from his/her perspective and enters into an iterative development process supported by the studio team of students and advisors.


Students are provided with access to outside resources – leading thinkers and experts – to whom they present their framework and receive feedback. Students document their process and progress, continually reviewing it with the Coach. They set parameters, synthesize, and continue refining, refining, refining. NuVu-Cambridge is located near the MIT campus and provides access to many MIT resources and experts.

NuVu Students Meet President Obama

NuVu Design Process and Tools
Click on the videos below to see what students are doing at NuVu.
Wheelchair Hand Drive
Beyond Human
NuVu Fashion Show
Summer Sci Fi at NuVu