Extension #3:  Critical Thinking

In this 3rd Extension Lesson, you will learn about Global Goals - featuring some of the hot topics for kids. 
This activity will take 10-15 minutes:
  • Read the post:  What are Global Goals?
  • Watch the videos: The World's Largest Lesson & We The People
  • Explore the Issues:  Your choice of videos

What are Global Goals?


Every year in the Fall, world leaders come together at the United Nations (UN) in New York to discuss some of the world's problems ... and try to come up with solutions. It's called the United Nations General Assembly.


This year was an especially big deal because nearly every country in the world committed to something new called the Global Goals -- like a to-do list ... for the whole world!


More officially they're called the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here are two videos about the specific goals.

- See more at: http://htekidsnews.com/global-goals/#sthash.tgECCyHK.dpuf

The World's Largest Lesson
We The People

The 17 goals aim to achieve three main things:

Child Rights
End Extreme Poverty
Episode 1:  Living on $1 a day
Climate Change with Bill Nye


The aim is to achieve the goals - a better life and world for most everyone ... in 15 years! How old will you be then?

And the idea is that in order to succeed we all get involved and pitch in.



We don't have to take on all of the world's responsibilities ourselves, but if even one of the goals connected with you, and you can think of even a small way to help (one habit you can change, one act of kindness) it makes a difference.


Was there one goal that interested you more than the others? Which one? Discuss with your team.


Episode 2: Water From a Pipe
Episode 3: Hunger & Tortillas
Episode 4: Disaster Strikes
Episode 5:  We Need a Job
Episode 6: Extreme Budgeting
Episode 7: Not Going to School
Episode 8: Back in the U.S.